Located just in a 20km from Kiev, this place is perfect not only for the Olympic\Paralympic teams trainings , not just for you to improve your skills before the hunting season, but also a place of active rest with friends and family.

A large territory offers 15 shooting ranges with a wide choice of weapon.

Get shooting experience from legendary AK-47, AKM, Kalashnikov LMG, world-known American M-a6 rifles and M-4 carbines, Dragunov sniper rifles and the newest Ukrainian half-automatic Z-10 rifles, a prototype of American AR-10. Apart from this, F-500 pump-action shotguns, Makarov pistols, Fort revolver, CZ-75, Fort-21, Glock-17, and small-calibre Margolin and Taurus pistols are also available.

The high-level instructors are ready to help, teach and make you enjoy shooting.