8 Days/ 7 Nights tour Kyiv + Odesa

Day 1

Arrival to Kyiv. Transfer to the Hotel. Check-in.

Sightseeing tour around Kyiv

3 hours tour is a good opportunity to see all key sights in Kyiv. Travel back more than 1500 years to the city birth and discover landmarks that represent Kyiv through the ages. Visit famous Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Volodymyr Cathedral, mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. See the churches of St. Andrew and St. Michael Cathedral, walk through main street of the city – Hreshchatyk, ride the funicular and admire the churches of Podil!

Free time

Day 2

Excursion to Mezhyhirya (Museum of Corruption)
with Lunch

Mezhyhirya is the luxury residence of the former Ukrainian President V. Yanukovich. Learn striking facts about the ex-president’s rule and explore the territory of the "Museum of Corruption". There, you’ll discover its spacious and lavish grounds which includes a “VIP territory” with perfectly cut trees, a tennis court, non-freezing lake and a farm with ostriches, peacocks, pheasants and other rare birds and animals.

The highlight of the tour is V. Yanukovych's mansion called “Honka” and a health center. The interior of Honka creates a dual impression when you see all the excessive opulence of everything around you - golden chandeliers and mosaic floors, luxurious furniture and exotic decorations.

Lunch at Savka House
*Extra cost

Savka’s Farm (Savka’s hut) is a private ethnographic complex that consists of two real ancient Ukrainian huts: estate of the prosperous peasant of 1786 and the estate of landlord of 1854.  The family of Mr. Savka will meet you in traditional costumes and will present sights of the «domains». You will be able to see that an age-old smithy works with binocular bellows, as women in olden times wet an ash and washed clothes in the small river, removing him prachem, as spun linen and hemp threads.

Main sight of farmstead is a house with a thatch roof, built in 1786. In peasant's hut everything is equipped in accordance with traditions: casket, icons, child's cradle, large table with benches, simple rural buffet with ceramic tableware and enormous brightly painted stove. In dinner room the typical Ukrainian dishes will be served in ceramic plates with wooden spoons.

Different master classes can be organized here – pottery, bread making, blacksmithing and others.

Day 3

Kyiv–Pechersk Lavra tour
Museum of miniatures

The Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Monastery is the center of Christianity in Ukraine and home to one of the biggest and most incredible cathedrals in Kyiv. It is also home to a network of mystic underground caves that hide mummies of monks and saints, much like the pyramids of Egypt. This fascinating site was voted one of the 7 wonders of Kyiv, and is absolutely a must-see for any traveller.

The Museum of Miniatures also situated here is a unique place to dive into the world of Mykola Sydiarskyy - a wonderful craftsman who has created the smallest book in the world, the masterpiece located just on a half of the poppy seed and many other things that strike your imagination.

*Extra cost

Museum of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

An important Ukrainian national landmark was commemorated on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from the Nazi invaders. The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was opened on 9 May 1981. Since those times, 24 million people have visited it from almost 200 countries.

Museum is the biggest in Ukraine in terms of its size and importance. The sprawling memorial complex provides plenty of space to walk around and explore. The outdoor area contains a number of impressive structures such the Motherland Statue.

Free time

Day 4

Excursion to Pirogovo open-air museum

Museum was found at the outskirts of Kiev in 1976. Its territory was divided in sectors according to territorial and time principals. Pirogovo exhibition presents architecture of Ukrainian villages, routine life of peasants and Ukrainian national art.

You simply move backward into the past: antique Ukrainian mazanka huts, chapels dated 16-17 century, windmills — all this pieces were collected in various regions of Ukraine, shipped to the museum and renovated. Each hut was turned into museum showing common life of Ukrainians of the past centuries — furniture, dishes, clothes, musical instruments, work utensils.

According to ethnographers original country houses and utility structures are reconstructed with the paper accuracy and grouped in compliance with the planning specific of settlements of the corresponding geographic and ethnographic regions. Second life was given to the moved there wooden churches — unique phenomenon in the world architecture. Windmill exhibition located on the highest hill of the museum represents its ideological and compositional center.

*Extra cost

Transfer to the rail station
Departure to Odesa
Arrival to Odesa.
Transfer to the Hotel. Check–in

Day 5

Odesa city tour

You will visit the key places of the city and central streets, including Deribasovskaya - a unique historical and architectural site, and the masterpieces of architecture - Theater of Opera and Ballet and historical buildings of museums.

Walking along Prymorsky Boulevard you will be amazed by the remarkable panorama of the marine station, port and sea. We will introduce you to the famous Potemkin stairs. During this excursion you will see historical sights of the city, visit beautiful Shevchenko park, where old fortress walls are located, stroll along Alley of Fame.

Then bus will drive you through central streets of the city: cozy Pushkinskaya, Rishelievskaya, Lanzheronovskaya streets, up to the picturesque French boulevard and Arcadia resort area.

*Extra cost

Odesa Catacombs Excursion

Length of Odesa catacombs is currently considered to be 2.5 thousand kilometers. It was estimated theoretically, more or less detailed information that is available states at least 1.7 thousand kilometers of underground cavities.

Catacombs form a unique “Odesa subway” – a hundred thousand kilometers of underground roads, which appeared during city construction 200 years ago, when stone was excavated from mines. Besides that, catacombs have their own climate, permanent humidity and temperature of +15°С. During the first years of city construction, catacombs became a shelter for various criminal gangs and groups. They arranged storages of different goods exported from Odesa by contraband traffic.

Day 6

Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky Fortress

During the tour we'll visit the fortress of Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - famous defenders of the city stronghold, very old and well-preserved, washed by the waters of the estuary and with a beautiful view over the city. It's more than 2500 years old.

We will tell you about the most interesting events in the history of the fortress from the times of Turks, Mongols and Tatars, Moldovans and Russian troops, the great rulers and generals, the Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great and the Turkish sultan Bayazede II, who protected and recovered the fortress.

Shabo winery

The presentation of wine culture at Shabo Wine Culture Center is comprehensive and has strong emotional power. The duration of a tour conducted by a highly-professional guide and including wine tasting is approximately 2.5 hours.

Our tour programs are diverse but equally captivating. Everything here is breathing with history, yet inspires with innovation. Every connoisseur of noble beverages visiting Shabo’s marvelous 200-year-old Royal, Sherry and Two-Level Cellars, underground wine storage, and other facilities will receive a unique opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking and see Shabo terroir.

Shabo Wine Culture Center includes objects of modern art, majestic architectural complexes, unusual exhibits of landscape design - the only monument to a grapevine in Ukraine, Grapevine Trilogy art ensemble, Shabo Art Center, Dionysus’s Fountain multimedia sculpture, a museum labyrinth, Georgian marani, two museum film auditoriums, Alpine hill, Shabo Museum - won’t leave anyone indifferent. And that list of unique features is far from being complete…

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the Airport