7 days military tour around Ukraine


Arrival to Kyiv.
Meeting at the Airport, transfer to the Hotel, check in.

Kyiv city tour

3 hours tour is a good opportunity to see all the most important sights of Kyiv. Travel back more than 1500 years to the city birth and discover landmarks that represent Kyiv through the ages. Visit the famous Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Volodymyr Cathedral, mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Enjoy the amazing view of Kyiv hills with golden domes of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and statue of Motherland.
See the churches of St. Andrew and St. Michael Cathedral, walk the main street of the city – Hreshchatyk!


Museum of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was opened on 9 May 1981 in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from the Nazi invaders. Since those times, 24 million people have visited it from almost 200 countries.

Museum is the biggest in Ukraine. The sprawling memorial complex provides plenty of space to walk around and explore. The outdoor area contains a number of impressive structures such the Motherland Statue.


Shooting range visit

Located just in a 20km from Kiev, this place is perfect not only to host the Olympic and Paralympic teams trainings, or to improve skills before the hunting season, but also to spend an active and fun day with friends and family.

A large territory offers 15 shooting ranges with a wide choice of weapon. The high-level instructors are ready to help, teach and make you enjoy shooting.

Get shooting experience from legendary AK-57, AKM, Kalashnikov LMG, world-known American M-a6 rifles and M-4 carbines, Dragunov sniper rifles and the newest Ukrainian half-automatic Z-10 rifles, a prototype of American AR-10. Apart from this, F-500 pump-action shotguns, Makarov pistols, Fort revolver, CZ-75, Fort-21, Glock-17, and small-calibre Margolin and Taurus pistols are also available.


Full day tour to Missile force base

This base-museum is located around 320 km south from Kyiv. All guides that accompany you on the tour are former military men who served at the missile defense base. The highlight of the tour is a 33 meters descent to the underground launch control center - experience the life of people who can actually bring the world to an end!

Another captivating part of excursion around the Strategic Missile Forces Museum includes descending the 150-meter underground corridor and visiting the unified command post, from where combat missiles were fired. It's a metal container that consists of twelve levels. Each of them is a round chamber, where specialized equipment and machinery are located. Authentic atmosphere is preserved here and allows for unique atmosphere of the incommensurable power of the fortification complex.

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Day 4

Full day tour to Zhytomyr

Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics

The unique museum of astronautics - the only one of its sort on the territory of Ukraine - was established in Zhytomyr for a reason. It is here that Sergei Korolyov - the talented scientist and engineer, the initiator of applied cosmonautics, the creator of Soviet space and rocket equipment, the person, whose ideas enabled the launching of the first artificial satellite, - was born and spent his childhood.

The rich museum's exposition is located in two buildings. Its first part - memorial - is situated in the house, where the genius constructor was born, and covers the key stages of his life and work.

The separate building was constructed for the main - cosmic - part of the exposition that tells in absorbing way about history of cosmonautics development.

Museum complex "The Rock"

Secret underground command post of Korosten fortification # 5, a part of the so-called "Stalin's Line". Built in 1936 on the basis of natural and artificial caves in the granite rock (in VIII-XIII centuries there was an ancient Russian city Iskorosten). Object is also known as "Stalin's Bunker." In the event of war it was planned to exercise command of the southwestern front.

In Soviet times, the object remained in the conduct of the military, and has been transferred to the civil defense system afterwards. All this time its equipment (ventilation system, water supply, autonomous power supply, communication) is maintained in working condition. The facility was unsealed in 2005 thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, and the historical military museum complex "The Rock” was established.

Military Museum "The Rock" - Bunker of Joseph Stalin includes:

- unique collection of gas masks of Soviet Army,
- nuclear protective clothing,
- chemical protective clothing,
- original Molotov cocktail (petrol bomb, fire bomb),
- weapons of World War II,
- NKVD room for interrogations.


Free day or a Full day tour to Chornobyl

The Forbes called Chornobyl the most extreme and original place.

Many movies were filmed there, hundreds of books were written about Chernobyl and its landscapes were used in many well-known computer games. The tragic events that took place there have left an unprecedented mark in the history of the world.

Time has stopped there on April 26, 1986…

Now Chernobyl zone and its ghost town Pripyat are safe to visit. The zone within the 30 km is a closed object but can be visited by the advanced approval.


State aviation museum

State Aviation Museum is the youngest and the largest museum of Soviet Union (USSR) aviation in Ukraine created in 2003. The museum is located in the former training aircraft airfield of National Aviation University and its aircrafts became the core of aviation museum collection.

Today the exposition of the Museum has more than 70 aircrafts and helicopters. There was also another area of the exhibition deployed, which includes samples of airborne weapons and aircraft engines.

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