Military & Adventure tours

With its rich military history Ukraine is a great destination for adventurers who seek unconventional impressions. You will discover places marked by special historical importance and secret facilities that have only recently been disclosed for public admittance.

You can spend a full day exploring the Missile force base and its underground launch control center that has been still operating just a few decades ago. Or visit Chornobyl - the location sadly famous all over the world for one of the deadliest ecological catastrophes the humankind has experienced.

Learn more about the technical achievements of Ukraine during a trip to Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics or State aviation museum and be prepared to get amazed by the fantastic machines and mechanisms created by local engineers.

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7 days military tour

Missle force base tour

One day in Chornobyl

Shooting Range Visit


BTR + BRDM Driving tour