Missle force base tour

During the cold war 176 nuclear missile launching silos were located at remote bases throughout Ukraine; all were destroyed except for the one complex located at the Nuclear Missile Museum.

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces is a unique opportunity to visit top-secret facilities of the former Soviet Union related to the nuclear weapon. All equipment, surface and underground facilities are fully preserved in the condition of a secret facility during the alert.

The full day tour includes

The first exposition meets the guests on the way to museum. The samples of rocket engines from different times and model of R-12 missile complex (which has had a leading part in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962) stand along the road to the exhibition halls.

Documents and materials telling the story of the Strategic Missile Forces creation and liquidation, underground command post's structure and equipment, starting positions are situated in museum halls.

At the museum's territory, near the launching facility shaft, there is a subsidiary machinery that served for loading containers with missiles in shaft. Museum's collection includes over two thousand exhibits.

But the most interesting and captivating part of excursion around the Strategic Missile Forces Museum is descending the 150-meter underground corridor and visiting the unified command post, from where combat missiles were fired.

It's a metal container that consists of twelve levels. Each of them is a round chamber, where specialized equipment and machinery are located. Authentic atmosphere is preserved here and allows for unique atmosphere of the incommensurable power of the fortification complex.

- OW distance from Kyiv - 320 km. Total tour duration is approximately 10 hours
- OW distance from Odesa - 230 km. Total tour duration is approximately 7 hours