Fitness tour to Carpathians

We have created this program to answer the pursuit of the travelers looking for the out-of-the-box opportunities to advance their fitness level. We have selected amazing nature slots in Carpathian mountains that will improve your physical state by fresh air and special trainings and fill you with joy and positive emotions from the breath-taking views and peace and quiet, which cosmopolitan people are lacking so much.

The tour is full of activities such as: trekking, horse riding, daily fitness trainings and long walks amidst the mighty nature of the Carpathian mountains. We have also taken care of the diet: you will discover not just healthy, but delicious meals from the traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

Day 1

Arrival to Lviv International Airport. Meet and greet at the airport.
Transfer to the Hotel. Check in.
Breakfast at the Hotel


Guided tour around Lviv with lunch

If you want to feel the essence and spirit of Ukraine, you should start from Lviv. This fabulous city of Medieval legends with its coffee and chocolate smell is often compared to Paris of Prague.

This city has a story about its every corner and every brick, the city myths and mysteries will enchant you and fill you out with those specific emotions which make people always come back to Lviv for more. A walk through the city is the best way to dive deep into the Ukrainian soul.

Try the delicious food in dozens of authentic cafes and restaurants: they will not only amaze you with the unique concepts and receipts, but also entertain you in some incredible and unexpected ways. Going to a restaurant in Lviv is never just about food, it's about the amazing experience, exciting impressions and fun new acquaintances.

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel. Check out
Transfer to Polyana with several stops at the fantastic views on the road in the mountains: forested slopes, breath-taking views of the waterfalls, mountain lakes, and picturesque fast-flowing rivers.

The highest mountain of Ukraine is Hoverla with its peak rising up to 2061 m. But not just Hoverla will impress you with the marvelous views and the mighty power - Carpathians offer many great hiking routes that are perfect for trainings as well as for enjoying the beauty of the wildlife.

Lunch. This is where your exploration of the traditional Ukrainian food will start. It has a wide range of options for every demanding traveller, and is filled with sincere love and care of those who has cooked it for you.

Arrival to the Hotel in Polyana. Check-in



Day 3

Daily fitness trainings and various open air activities:

- trekking routes,
- horse riding,
- bicycle trips, etc.

Carpatians are abundant in beautiful routes for hiking: some of them are half-day, others are meant to take a full day or even several days. The popular routes offer great views, the less famous are there to provide you with an exquisite peace and quiet.

In addition, to hiking and backpacking you can also ride a horse, or rent a bike to reach the places with additional physical exercises.

Additional sightseeing tours could be arranged upon request.

Day 4

Breakfast at the Hotel
Check out

Skolivski Beskydy national park

The Tustan city-fortress dates back to the 9th century. This strategic point of the Carpathian defensive line was a combined customs, administrative and military center.

Dovbush Rocks

Group of rocky outcrops up to 80 m in height are scattered in the midst of beech-fir forests and covers the area of 100 ha.